More information about City Coins™ : an Around the Metro exclusivity

What are City Coins

City Coins™ is a reward system exclusive to Around the Metro platforms. The more you take action on Around the Metro and contribute to our community, the more City Coins™ you should get.

You must create a user account to start earning City Coins™. City Coins™ can be obtained by completing different predefined actions (described below) on the website or mobile app.

Once users have a sufficient amount of City Coins™, they can be redeemed in the City Coin™ Store for rewards. Each reward has a certain City Coin™ value and the sufficient amount of City Coins™ needs to have been accumulated before redeeming the chosen reward.


How to earn City Coins

Your actions within the Around the Metro community are important to us and to other members. Therefore, we believe these actions should be rewarded by attributing City Coins™ upon completion of these actions.

Here are some ways for how you can earn City Coins™ :

  • Daily Login
  • Social Share
  • Referral Visits
  • Referral Sign Up

Each action holds a certain City Coin™ value that may change depending on different factors like the day or the city your in. Every earning is a suprise but brings you that much closer to a reward!


What can be purchased with City Coins

Your City Coins™ can be redeemed for rewards in the City Coin™ Store. The City Coins™ Store holds different types of rewards so you can get the reward you really want!

Choose amongst :

  • Gift Cards from a large variety of retailers
  • Virtual Products
  • Physical Products from our partners*
  • Event Tickets

*For now, we can only ship within Canada. Other countries are coming soon!

Terms of use

City Coins™ Balance Updates

Your account will be updated or credited each time you earn City Coins™. In most cases, your account will be credited a few minutes after successful action completion. Your account will be debited immediately when you redeem City Coins™.

City Coins™ are not available for purchase. Only qualifying actions completed on the website and app may be accounted for City Coin™ earnings. To prevent any confusion, City Coins™ are NOT a virtual currency, but a point system used for rewards.

In the event of an error, Around the Metro reserves the right to make adjustments to a member’s City Coin™ account. Our system is currently in Beta mode, so there may be some bugs while using it. We are very open to your inquiries and comments that you can send us at

In the future, additional methods of earning City Coins™ may become available. City Coins™ may be added to accounts at the sole discretion of Around the Metro.


Expiration of City Coins™

City Coins™ should never expire as long as you continue to be an active member Around the Metro and as long as the City Coins™ program remains in effect. However, if you close your account from Around the Metro, your City Coins™ account will be closed after 30 days. At that time, all City Coins™ will be forfeited.


Your Membership

We reserve the right to terminate your membership and close your account at any time. Termination could be the result of allowing your account to become inactive or fraudulent behavior, among other reasons. In that case, all points will be forfeited.



City Coins™ cannot be transferred between members’ accounts.



Redemptions can be successfully processed only if you have enough City Coins™ indicated for the item(s) selected.



Virtual rewards, gift cards and event tickets will be delivered by email to the email address associated with the Around the Metro member account within a limit of 7 days after redemption.

For now, physical rewards are only available for residents of Québec, Canada (Other areas coming soon). Physical rewards are shipped via Regular Mail. Other items may be shipped via FedEx, UPS or Canada Post. Please allow up to 5-8 weeks for delivery. Shipping charges may apply.


Program availability

The program is currently available in Montréal, Canada only. More cities will be available soon.


Program Duration & Changes to Rules

Around the Metro reserves the right at any time to withdraw this program or to modify, amend or supplement these rules, in its sole discretion.


Limits of Liability

Around the Metro shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind that result from acceptance, possession and/or use of any item redeemed.

For further details regarding any of these rules, please contact us.